Free your creativity

The Ogi

Creating games on Gotm is

Spend your time wisely

Don't let tedious stuff like deployment, monetization or server hosting take your energy. Gotm handles it automagically
so you can focus on creating your game.

Your game deserves to be seen

Gotm removes all barriers that keep gamers from experiencing your game on any platform.

Welcome, fellow gamedev

Find help and friends in a welcoming community. Gotm is open for everyone

Easy to use

Optimized for Godot

Enjoy simplicity and optimal performance for you and your game with no effort. Everything on Gotm is optimized for Godot games.

Reach everyone in one place

Deploy your game to all platforms with one click. No need for multiple game builds.

You can even embed your game on other websites.

Multiplayer out-of-the-box

Your network code just works, without port forwarding or other hassle. No plugin needed.

Want more? Unlock more features with the Gotm plugin


Fun-based monetization

No need for ads or microtransactions. On Gotm you automatically earn revenue based on how much gamers enjoy your game.

You make fun games, Gotm does the rest.

Earn more, pay less

Unlike other stores, revenue fees on Gotm are low and fair.

Gotm offers all its features with a generous free tier.

Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015

Free publishing

Want to take the next step? Publish your game on Gotm Premium and Nintento Switch without upfront costs or unfair contracts.


Game jams

Engage with the gamedev community by making games. Participate in the monthly Gotm Jam, or host your own!

Become a part of the Gotm Gang

Watch playthroughs of Gotm games or chat with the Gotm community and the Gotm devs.

Public roadmap

We strive to be open and transparent on what we do and why. Explore upcoming features and affect development on Gotm by checking out the public roadmap!

Quick Setup

Have your game up and running in just a few minutes.

Fast Loading

Shorter loading times than on any other platform thanks to a cutting edge auto-compression and delivery system.

Instant Play

Play the games on any device without installing anything.

Just send your friends a link.


Playing and uploading games is free.

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