Gotm + Godot Jam Games =

Have fun and compete in game jams, while enjoying all the benefits of

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Web Hosting Means Direct Access

Play Godot games instantly without downloading

Don't let your players wait. Grab their attention by putting your game on their screen, not in their download folder.

Reach more players by running your game on the web.

Reach all platforms with just one export. The web is truly cross-platform.

Embed on Itch in one click

Stay on top of the competition - combine Gotm and Itch

Gotm is optimized to run your Godot game faster than anywhere else directly in the browser. Upload your game and gain an advantage.

Participate in game jams on Itch by embedding your game.

Itch hosted Multiplayer Jam

Drag-n-drop upload

Have your latest game live in one minute

Upload games like you would upload pictures of cats. Drag and drop your game into the browser and instantly run your game on the web.

Easily manage your games in an easy-to-use and modern game dashboard - even on mobile.

Share your game during development

Let your friends and followers play your game
All they need is a link

Don't wait. Let others test your game now! Get valuable feedback while developing your game. Upload your game and share the link.

Manage multiple test versions of your game in an easy-to-use and modern game dashboard - even on mobile.

Make your game private to only let people with the link play your game.