Gotm + Multiplayer =

Bring your players together - all over the world

Online Godot multiplayer networking made easy

Global local multiplayer

Make multiplayer games without any network code

Don't let complicated network code stop your brilliant game. Play local multiplayer games with anyone in the world - on all devices.

Coming soon...

Networked multiplayer

Connect through any network without port-forwarding

Gotm automatically connects players in a peer-to-peer (p2p) virtual network. This lets you use NetworkedMultiplayerENet and PacketPeerUDP as if players are on the same local network.

Players connect with a simple link. Try it out below!

Game Lobbies

Create a community by helping players to connect

Let your players host and join games through's powerful lobby system.

  • Matchmaking - Match players based on their rank
  • Quick-join - Let your players join a game in a single click without browsing or searching in a lobby browser
  • Global lobbies - Give your players the illusion of always-running dedicated servers
  • Lobby browser - Design your own lobby browser
  • Whatever you want - Gotm gives you the building blocks to design your own game's unique lobby experience