Custom GDScript Plugin

What you can't get out-of-the-box, we provide easily through a plugin

Hook up to the world

Enhance your game with the GDScript plugin

Gotm's APIs are designed to be used in Godot games. The GDScript plugin lets you access the API directly from GDScript.

Use the plugin to add special features to your game and make it stand out from the crowd.

Get it for free from the AssetLib in the Godot Editor.

Multiplayer lobbies

Create a community

Let your players host and join games through Gotm's powerful lobby system.

  • Matchmaking - Match players based on their rank
  • Quick-join - Let your players join a game in a single click without browsing or searching in a lobby browser
  • Global lobbies - Give your players the illusion of always-running dedicated servers
  • Lobby browser - Design your own lobby browser
  • Whatever you want - Gotm gives you the building blocks to design your own game's unique lobby experience

... and more!

Add unique features to your game

Drag and drop files. Read and save files outside the browser. Make the computer talk with text-to-speech.

New features are continually added.

Examples and live demos

Enjoy rich documentation with example Godot projects

Learn from open-source examples and play them directly in the browser. Try it out!

Prototype quickly

Easily test the API before going live

Comfortably develop against a safe sandbox offline.

When you're ready to go live, upload your game or try it out in the web player without an account.

Open source

For the community, by the community

Found a bug or want to make an improvement? Contribute!