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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who handles the payments?

We use Decta for all payment processing.

What if I change my mind after purchase?

We have a 21-day all-money-back-no-questions-asked return policy, which applies from the date of each transaction.

How can I change plan?

Simply purchase the plan you want to change to. Your plan will be upgraded and you will only pay the price difference. For example, if you purchase a plan worth $1 and upgrade to a plan worth $2, you will have only paid a total of $2, not $3.

What are Premium Games?

Check out the Premium Games section on FAQ page for more info, including how the 5 games per month for the Casual Pulse plan works.

What does "/mo" mean?

It's just shorthand for "per month" to save some space. Monthly charges are made every 30 days.

I have some questions/comments regarding all of this. How do I get in contact?

A lot of questions are answered in the Purchase Agreement in Terms of Service and FAQ. If you still need help you can check out our contact page.

Studio Plan

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