Gotm Revenue Share

Monetize your game without worrying about pricing, ads or microtransactions

Don't stop players from playing your game

If players must pay to access only your game, you risk turning away a lot of customers because they don't know what they'll get.

This is especially painful for games with a limited marketing budget.

On Gotm, Pulse Players pay a monthly cost to get access to all games. This means that there is no barrier for Pulse Players to play your game and earn you money, even if your game is not Premium.

Don't monetize your game to death

Free-to-play models using ads or microtransactions makes your game less enjoyable because you have to sacrifice the gaming experience.

Players that otherwise would have loved your game quickly get tired of the ads or microtransactions, losing you a lot of money.

On Gotm, you earn money based on how much time Pulse Players spend in your game. This means that you automatically earn money without sacrificing your game's quality, even if your game is not Premium.

Fun-based monetization

Get more players

Since Pulse Players get access to all games on Gotm, your game gets more exposure and a bigger audience because there is no barrier to try your game.

This means you get a fair chance of earning money even with a limited marketing budget, and even if your game is not Premium.

Automatically earn money

On Gotm you don't have to do anything to monetize your game, because everything is handled for you so that you can focus on perfecting your game.

When Pulse Players play your game, you automatically earn money based on how much time they spend in your game, even if your game is not Premium.

Keep earning money

As Pulse Players keep playing your game on Gotm, you will still earn money from them every month.

This means you will get a stable income stream that isn't reliant on marketing pushes or price discounts, even if your game is not Premium.


Earn money without paying anything, no strings attached


Monetize your game automatically, no effort required


All games earn money, both big and small