Get To Know More About Us

Here you will find out more about who we are, what we do and what we believe in.

Core Philosophies

What we believe in

Simplicity • A simple user-friendly design makes Gotm more accessible for everyone.

For gamedevs, features on Gotm should be as plug-n-play and automagic as possible, and there should be no paywall stopping you from trying out advanced features.

Gamers shouldn't be stopped by paywalls everywhere they go. Gotm's subscription system gives gamers the full experience with a single payment setup.

Fairness • The magic of games is not monetization and big budgets.

Gotm's fun-based monetization lifts the burden of game monetization from your shoulders, while giving gamers an optimal gaming experience without ads or microtransactions.

Gotm serves gamedevs, not the other way around. That's why Gotm strives for a low and fair revenue fee while also offering advanced features at a generous free tier.

Most games out there are not by AAA studios. They're made by small independent studios or hobbyists. They deserve to be seen.

Openness • The more we expose ourselves, the more we trust each other.

Gotm's terms, publishing deals and pricing model are public and in plain english.

We are transparent in what we do and why we do it. Our roadmap is public and everyone has the power to affect it.

Everyone is welcome in the Gotm community, and the Gotm devs are available on chat.

The Team

Who are we?


Lead Developer


Video Producer & Community Manager

Brief History

How and when did it all begin?

Gotm originally began as a completely different concept in which we would make games based on what the community asked for and voted on.

Just when we started to realize that the idea wouldn't work we got recommended to look at Godot instead of Unity. It was instant love and a new idea stared taking shape. A much more ambitious idea.

In October 2019 we launched the web player accompanied by several tweets. It was a huge success and people were really impressed.

In December 2019 we launched the first version of in which other developers could actually upload their games via the dashboard.

Since then we have continuously worked on the site to make it faster, easier to use, added more features and made it even more optimized for Godot. Check out the roadmap history for a detailed look on when specific features released.

Macaroni Studios

The company behind it all

Gotm is a service that is owned and developed by Macaroni Studios. Gotm is our passion project and what we hope one day can support us financially.

To be able to work on Gotm as much as we do we have to also work on paid external projects. Turns out that making a web site for hosting and playing games makes you a very good web developer in general, which is what most of our external projects are about. Feel free to contact us if you might be interested in our services.