Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How is GotM pronounced?

It is pronounced like "got'em".

How can I contact you?

Through either of the options listed on our contact page.

Do you have an app?

No, but the whole website is built like an app and can be installed directly through your web browser (all major platforms).

Simply go to settings and click the option that says "Add to home page" (or something similar at least).

Which platforms does GotM work on?

GotM works perfectly on any device or screen size. We make sure to only show you the games that the developers have marked as supported on the platform you are currently on.

Developers Questions:

Why should I host my game at GotM?

GotM is an awesome place for you as a developer to host your games for free. Unlike most Web-based platforms, GotM works excellently on mobile as well and is in fact developed with a mobile-first mindset.

  • Hosting: You don't have to set up servers, databases or anything like that.
  • Easy to use: Very simple uploading process and dashboard to oversee your games (test your game in the browser here).
  • Instant play: All games are playable instantly on both mobile and desktop.
  • Make money: Possibility, further down the line, to make money from your game(s). (Follow us on Twitter for developer updates.)
  • Tools: We add tools and features, such as pre-made leaderboards, so you can focus on what is actually fun: making games.

Who owns the games?

You do! GotM owns no part of the games that you upload. You are also free to upload your game(s) to other platforms/services as well if you like.

However, GotM will open up your uploaded Pck to perform certain actions such as compressing textures and audio files, among other things. This is to ensure the best (read "fastest loading") experience possible for players.

Which game engines work?

GotM only supports the open source game engine Godot. This is because Godot and it's exports are very lightweight and thus well suited for the Web, and especially mobile. But since GotM only has to work for one engine, we can tailor and optimize GotM heavily, as well as give you as a developer tools to make your game development easier.

No game page?

To make the user experience the quickest and best possible, GotM does not have game pages. Instead, all games start as soon as you click the thumbnail.

This means that your game(s) should either not require intructions or have the tutorial/keybindings/etc in-game. This is also a great place to have any social media links and such things.

Can I have ads in my game(s)?

No. You as a developer should focus only on making fun games for others to enjoy. In the future we will have ways for you to earn money through GotM.

If developers are allowed to include ads or other ways of making money, we believe those systems will be abused and the games will be about generating money instead of being fun (the major app platforms for mobile are an excellent example of this, with most popular games having full-screen ads after every level and/or are boring to play unless you pay).

Can I have IAP/micro-transactions in my game(s)?

No, same as the question above.