Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How is gotm.io pronounced?

It is pronounced like "got'em" (optionally with "dot eye-o" at the end).

Do you have 'recruit a friend' system?

Sure do, and it can benefit both users and studios! Here is more info about the affiliate link system.

Do you have an app?

No, but the whole website is built like an app and can be installed directly through your web browser, even on mobile.

Simply go to browser settings and click the option that says "Add to home page" (or something similar, depending on the browser).

Which platforms does Gotm work on?

Gotm works perfectly on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) or screen size. We make sure to only show you the games that the developers have marked as supported on the platform you are currently on.

Can I use a VPN while browsing Gotm?

We are not sure why (we haven't explicitly done anything) but Gotm doesn't seem to play nice with VPNs.

Do you have a press kit?

You can find some logo and icon variants in this drive link

Who are we?

Gotm was founded and is being developed by the Swedish startup company Macaroni Studios. We work mostly on gotm.io but do some consultancy work as well. Feel free to contact us. More info about us is available on this about page.

Premium Games Questions:

What are Premium games?

The Premium games section consist of only very polished games and all have an average estimated playtime of at least 1 hour.

Games are manually selected to make sure they meet our requirements.

How do I get access to Premium games?

You will need to buy one of the player subscriptions available on the Player Pricing page.

Once you have that you can go play the games you want. Instead of paying per game you simply pay a fixed fee, which for most people will be significantly cheaper than buying each game individually on other platforms.

How do you count the 5 Premium games for the Casual Pulse plan?

You can play how many premium games you want for less than 5 minutes each. For each period of 30 days you can only play up to 5 premium games for more than 5 minutes.

You will be notified when there is one minute of playtime left on a premium game so you can exit if you wish.

How do I buy just a single game?

We firmly believe it's time to try something new regarding paying for games and as such we simply can't allow the old ways to be used on Gotm as well. Give this new system a try and if you don't like it you can always just cancel the subscription. There are a huge amount of good free games as well.

How are the developers paid?

We use a revenue share system, similar to services like Netflix and Spotify. Roughly speaking, the more time a subscribed player spends on a game, the more percentage of the subscription is given to the developer of said game. More revenue share info.

Any game played by a subscribed player will earn a bit of money and it will be the same amount no matter if the game is Premium or not (as long as the time played is the same).

The revenue share is based on individual players, not an aggregate of everyone. Example:
Player A starts a subscription for 5 USD per month 1 January. He/she spends 10 hours in game X and 5 hours in game Y during Janary. In February the owner of game X will get 2/3 of the money from player A.

How much money there is to give out from each player depends on VAT in each player's country. See this question below.

What are the requirements to become a Premium Game

There are two main requirements that need to be met: high level of quality/polish and at least roughly one hour of playtime to complete.

The artstyle does not need to be high resolution but it has to be consistent throughout the game. We recommend custom assets if possible but it's possible to be approved even if they aren't.

See next answer on how to apply.

What does the process for uploading a Premium Game look like?

1. Create/upload your game on Gotm. Make sure you set it to private so nobody plays it.

2. Apply by sending an email to [email protected] with a link to your game on Gotm and the topic "Premium Game Application: [GAME NAME]".

3. Get our approval that the game fulfills our requirements (see previous answer).

4. Fill everything out and customise the game page to make it look good. Please have a look at what others' look like. Make sure to add an animated icon (gameplay footage is recommended)! Also please remove anything that is specific to other platforms, such as "Exit"/"Quit" button or Steam API. A demo is not required although definitely recommended if possible.

5. Send the link with the final version to us to verify that the game page looks good.

6. Once we are satisfied we will mark it as a Premium Game and you can then set it to public so that it shows up. Done!

Product Questions:

What are products on Gotm?

They are a simple way for developers to sell digital goods such as soundtracks, digital wallpapers, concept art, etc., directly associated with their games/studios/etc.

Where can I find my purchased products?

In the inventory page.

Can I refund a product I bought?

Yes, for up to 21 days after the purchase you are able to get a full refund. You can find more info in the purchase agreement part of the Terms of Service.

Go to the payments page and find the corresponding payment to refund it (if still possible).

If it's a product you subscribe to you refund each monthly payment individually.

What does it mean if a product is recurring/subscribable?

Some products have been set to be recurring, meaning that it's possible to subscribe to that product and therefore automatically buy it again every 30 days from the first purchase date.

Who handles the payments?

We use Decta for all payment processing. This makes all purchases safe for you as we are never in control of your payment information. Decta, like all payment processors, has a transaction fee but we include that in our 10% cut so you never have to think about that on Gotm (unlike basically all other platforms).

Is it free to use the products system?

Yes it is! Anyone can create however many products they wish. Gotm only takes a 10% cut (after taxes) for every purchase, which includes transaction fees.

Can I check if a specific person has bought one of my products?

Yes you can. A bought product has a unique ware ID (found in the inventory page of the user who bought it). It is in the format of "wares/0123456789abcdefghij". In the Store section of the dashboard there is a text field in which you can paste this ware ID and it will tell you which of your products it represents.

If the ware ID indeed is for one of you products you can then mark it as "Redeemed" (which can not be undone!) so you know that product has already been "used". This can be useful if the product represents something like an external online course, Discord server/channel access, a Steam key, or something other that is unique.

Developer Questions:

Why should I host my game at Gotm?

Gotm is an awesome place for you as a developer to host your games for free. Unlike most Web-based platforms, Gotm works excellently on mobile as well and is in fact developed with a mobile-first mindset. Read more about what Gotm has to offer here.

Our goal is to enable you as a developer to focus on one thing only: making fun games. Our core philosophies

  • Hosting: You don't have to set up servers, databases or anything like that.
  • Easy to use: Very simple uploading process and dashboard to oversee your games (test your game in the browser here before uploading).
  • Instant play: All games are playable instantly for the platform(s) they are set to work on. And since it's a website, a simple link is all you need for your community to play.
  • Make money: Any game on Gotm can automatically earn money when a player paying for one of the player subscriptions plays your game. More monetisation features are coming.
  • Tools: Multiplayer and matchmaking works automatically. We also have a custom plugin that enables super easy lobbies and more. More tools are added continually.

Which game engines work?

Gotm only supports the open source game engine Godot. This is because Godot and its exports are very lightweight and thus well suited for the Web, even on mobile.

But since Gotm only has to work for one engine, we can tailor and optimize Gotm heavily, as well as give you as a developer tools to make your game development easier.

How much does Gotm charge?

Gotm takes a 10% platform fee on almost all transactions (this includes transaction fees, unlike other platforms). 10% might sound like a lot to some people but it's a less than the industry standard which sits at 15-30%.

All prices shown to users are always shown including taxes, to make their experience smoother and without any surprises regarding the price.

So how much is left for developers after a player payment? This is the formula:
Price / (1 + country VAT) * (1 - Gotm's Cut). If the price of is €5 it will yield you:
In Hungary (27% VAT): €5 / 1.27 * 0.9 = €3.54
In Panama (7% VAT): €5 / 1.07 * 0.9 = €4.2

That amount is thensplit among all games played by that specific player.

Who owns the games?

You do! Gotm owns no part of the games that you upload. You are also free to upload your game(s) to other platforms/services as well if you like.

However, Gotm will open up your uploaded pack to perform certain actions such as compressing textures and audio files, among other things. This is to ensure the best (read "fastest loading") experience possible for players. More info about our terms can be found in our Terms of Service.

Which Godot versions are supported?

Official stable releases from 3.1.0 and up. We do not update unless there is a new stable version available.

Do you support C#?

Yep! You shouldn't need to apply any special settings in the editor/export.

Can I upload a custom Godot build with my game?

Unfortunately not, we already use our own custom runtime.

What is the size limit?

2 GiB (before compression) but the smaller the better.

What is Gotm Publishing Program?

A simple and fair way for indie developers to get their game published on Nintendo Switch as well as on Gotm as a Premium Game (read more above). It also includes some marketing help. Here you can read more about GPP.

Can I link to Itch, Patreon and other external sites?

You are free to link to whatever you want, as long as it isn't a shady site and you're not pestering the players about your links from within the game. This is similar to IAP/micro-transactions below.

What happens if I delete my game/studio?

Deleting a game removes all data for that game, including pck, analytics, comments, etc. Deleting a studio is the same: all data related to the studio is deleted, including the games. You are in full control and if you want to remove something, it is always COMPLETELY removed (meaning that you can't undo it, so be careful)!

Can I have ads in my game?

No. You as a developer should focus only on making fun games for others to enjoy. In the future we will have ways for you to earn money through Gotm.

If developers are allowed to include ads or other ways of making money, we believe those systems will be abused and the games will be about generating money instead of being fun (the major app platforms for mobile are an excellent example of this, with most popular games having full-screen ads after every level and/or are boring to play unless you pay).

Can I have IAP/micro-transactions in my game?

No, same as with ads (see above question).

Can I sell games?

Not directly. You are free to host a demo version of your paid game though or apply to make it a Premium Game (see questions higher up).

Sexual/mature content

You are allowed to upload games of sexual/mature content but only as private, meaning that it can only be accessed directly by its URL. At some point we will add a section of the website for browsing these games properly.

Offences may result in a ban.

If you are unsure if your game should be private, please send us a link to your game and we will judge on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if the platform closes?

We will still try to keep it running for as long as possible. We will also make sure to notify everyone if that happens so those that want to can save anything relevant.