Closed Beta: Free Godot Game Hosting

Published 12 December 2019

Fritjof Cavallin

1 minute read

Gotm is a platform for players worldwide to play games on any platform with any device.

It is also for developers to share their Godot games for free. Today, we take a big step closer to the latter.

We have been working very hard for more than a month to bring this functionality to Gotm and it's finally ready for a closed beta.

What's New

Until now the only games that were hosted on Gotm has been our 12 games. We recently released our web player, in which anyone can test their Godot game on the web, but there was no actual hosting.

Game Exampe

Now, we have added a developer dashboard. This dashboard lets a developer manage his/her games on Gotm. The dashboard lets a developer, for each game, set things like title, thumbnail, tags, platform, etc. It's also possible to configure the studio that owns the game: studio name, about-text, etc. in a WYSIWYG manner.

Studio Example

If a game is uploaded to Gotm it can now be found through either a direct link or by visiting the page for the studio that uploaded it. A studio on Gotm can be anything from a hobby developer to a AAA game company.

Why Closed Beta?

We want to let everyone try out this awesome functionality but before we do that, we want to make sure everything works as smooth as possible. We have tried to iron out any bugs but you never know...

Who Gets Access?

We have some criteria:

  • You have at least one free Godot game (finished or not) that you are willing to upload to Gotm.
  • The game's PCK must be less than 30 MB. Using OGG for large sound files helps!
  • You are prepared to give us some constructive feedback on our public Discord server.


If you are interested in joining the closed beta you can send us an email to info[at]gotm[dot]io. If you have questions or decide to join the beta you should join our public Discord server.

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