Fall Review 2020

Published 19 January

Mikael Hernvall

1 minute read

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Fall is behind us and here is what has happened on Gotm.

(Psst. Join our game jam GotmJam. It is going to be awesome)

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New design

Gotm now has a new logo and a mascot made by Alex Moreno. So Gotm's color is now blue instead of green.

We are especially excited about the mascot and have already put it to good use on posters, coffee cups and hoodies!

Stats from 2020

This is the last newsletter for 2020, so here are some stats of the year.


As you can see in the graph above gotm.io is growing quickly and we are looking forward to 2021.


During the fall gotm.io has been on a short hiatus. Very soon we are back to full speed to pump in all the cool features for 2021.

Next up is game jam hosting!

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Best regards,

The gotm.io team

The gotm.io team