Fall Review 2021

Published 10 December 2021

Fritjof Cavallin

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Damn that's a lot of new things! Let's check them out!

Ready for an absolute crap-ton of updates!? Let's hope so because this is what you will get!

After a long time of no major updates we managed to get this ready for release. And boy what a release! So many things!

This is the biggest single quarterly newsletter so far and that's with a lot of things split out into their own news post. Hope you enjoy.

So Many New Features

An insane amount of features have (finally!) been added. It's almost difficult to keep track of them in order to write about them but it went fairly well. What follows is a list of the majority of the new features.

Some of the features have their own news post, so if you are interested in them you can find out more on their respective post.


stats page overview

The main goal of the previous months of development was to re-add statistics so that all developers on the site can see information like views, plays, playtime, etc. for their games and studios.

As a bonus we will be able to do many cool things going forward, thanks to the extra information we are able to gather and query from.

If you want to read more about what stats we now support you can read The Stats Rework Update news post.

Promotional Page

promo page example

We have added a really cool feature for hosting a promotional page on Gotm. It's aimed at unreleased games and Premium games on Gotm (which will hopefully soon be available). Even if you don't use Gotm to upload your game, you can still have a promotional page on Gotm.

Check out Introducing Promo Pages for a more detailed look at this awesome feature.

Improved Front Page, New Library Section And Updated Navigation

new front page

We have made significant improvements to the front page with a new side menu and more focus on rows. In addition to this we have also added a Library section and updated the navigation system on both mobile and desktop.

You can read about this in the separate news post with the same name: Improved Front Page, New Libary Section And Updated Navigation

Overview Page

game overview page

The new game overview page.

A way to quickly see some basic information about the game, including latest comments.

The thing we are most excited about here is the Customization Progress. This feature is a simple way to help developers in filling out all the recommended fields for their game.

It's quite intuitive: if the game is missing e.g. a short description, the developer will get indicated of this when visiting the dashboard.

Developers that fill out more information will on average get more interactions on their games, because players are more likely to click juicy images!

Improved News Page

news page

A look at how the updated design of the news list page.

While the news page might not be the most interesting thing ever to many we decided that we wanted to improve the design at least a little bit. It's still nothing too fancy but it's way better than before.

What's really nice now is that we preview more of each article than just the intro. This means that now you can quickly see all topics that are discussed in each article and even skip right to the one you are interested in by simply clicking on it.

When reading a specific article it's now possible to click on any header to automatically copy the link for easy saving/sharing.

User Profile Page

profile page example

An example of how the new public user profile page can look. This is Tim's nicely customized page.

The public user profile page has up until now just been a mostly empty and ugly page with just the user name and icon.

That has been changed! The page now shows description, most played games, last played games, comments, etc.

What's even more awesome is that you can customize the colors to make the page feel more personal. Check out Tim's page for inspiration.

The user page can be accessed by simply clicking on a user icon, for example in the comment section on a game.

New Dashboard Things

As a result of some of the above mentioned features the game dashboard now has several new fields to enter, for example short description and animated icon.

Developers can now also specify which input methods his/her games support.

auto save info

Auto save info in top right corner of dashboard pages.

A small but very valuable quality of life feature that has been added is auto save info. Gotm has always been auto-saving changes done in any dashboard view (game, studio, jam and profile dashboard) but up until now it hasn't been very clear. Now the exact time for the last auto save is always indicated at the top. We also decided to include a few common buttons there while at it.

Upcoming Features

Top priority right now is adding the Premium Games section and functionality. This includes systems for handling payments from users and payouts to developers. Lots of legalities and stuff that needs to be handled properly!

Premium Games will be a special section of games on Gotm that have been manually curated and selected for their high quality. Unlike the rest of the games on Gotm these will not be playable by everyone.

To access a Premium Game the player needs to pay a monthly fee. The nice thing here is that it's a game pass system, meaning that one monthly fee grants entry to all the Premium Games.

Sounds interesting? More information will come once we release this awesome feature.


Here are some other things that have happened recently.

First Gotm Publishing Program Game Announced

pichon game

The announcement video we made for Pichon on Youtube.

We have finally officially announced the first GPP game: Pichon.

Through the link you can get more information about what the games is, see some nice screenshots and play a demo. If you like what you see you should follow that game through the built-in system to get notified on release.

It's the first of the eight games we have in the program right now to be shown publicly by us. Find out more about GPP here.

gpp games

Here is a sneak peak at a few more of the GPP games for you to check out and follow:

GoGodotJam 2


The second edition of GoGodotJam took place this November. It's a roughly one month long festival specifically aimed at Godot developers and generating awareness for the engine. It includes a Godot-specific game jam.

Last time Gotm participated as guest in one of the streams associated with the festival. Check out the youtube video if you are intereted in seeing that.

This time around the festival included a fundraiser. In total it raised roughly $2800, which is awesome! We participated by giving $5 to the fundraiser for each GoGodotJam game entry that was uploaded to Gotm. Out of the 187 entries 70 chose to upload to Gotm as well, meaning we donated $350.



The total number of published games on Gotm per quarter.

Games   1832   (+297 / +19%)

Twitter   1472   (+130 / +10%)
YouTube   643   (+8 / +1%)
Discord   356   (+35 / +11%)
TikTok   90   (+18 / +25%)
Instagram   88   (+15 / +21%)
Facebook   27   (+2 / +8%)
Reddit   21   (+4 / +24%)


After a long wait, very much has finally happened. From here on, we should be able to progress relatively quickly again.

We got a solid number of new games added to the site but many of the social media platforms didn't see as much growth as we would have liked. Nothing that deters us whatsoever, just an observation.

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