Improved Front Page, New Libary Section And Updated Navigation

Published 9 December 2021

Fritjof Cavallin

5 minute read

new front page

The new front page with its fancy side menu and various rows.

A lot of new features have been added to Gotm recently. A lot of them are not visible but at least some of them are.

Here I describe some of the more important visual updates, like the improved front page, the new library section and the updated navigation system for both desktop and mobile.

Front Page

The front page of any website or platform should be really well crafted to look good, show the most important aspects of the site and intrigue users to stay and explore more.

For a long time now the front page on Gotm has been very basic and, to be honest, quite boring. Not exactly qualities you want!

Up until now the front page has only been showing featured games plus some new games. It's not that featured and new are bad things to show. On the contrary actually. The problem is rather that we could show so much more things and with a better design overall to further increase the user experience.

That has now finally been fixed with a big update to how the front page looks and works. The main big change is that we want to focus a lot more on rows and categories.

Rows, Rows And More Rows

One of the long term goals for Gotm is to have a design and functionality that make discovering good games easy. This is both because players want to find games that are fun but also because developers want to have a chance to be seen. We believe that the new design, based a lot on rows and categories, will help with this.

new front page

The new front page with different rows.

So what is a "row" in this context? It's very simple actually. A row is a horizontally scrollable list of stuff that have something in common. That something could be:

  • New games
  • Featured games
  • Top games last 30 days
  • Popular games with the tag "platformer"
  • Games with most new 🤩-reactions
  • Trending tags
  • Games with most players right now
  • Upcoming game jams

All of the things mentioned here will eventually be added as rows on the front page and we have a list of more than 30 ideas for rows, plus lots of variations on those, that we want to add.

It might sound like that will be overwhelming or difficult to navigate. The really neat thing here is that we don't have to show all those rows at the same time. We can and will make the front page dynamic.

If we notice that you tend to play games from three different tags then we can show you one row for each of those tags. Another player might mostly play games from only one tag, in which case we will just show one row for that. If we see that you are a developer we can show you game jams to participate in which might not be very interesting to non-developers. We can even randomize it slightly for every time you refresh the game.


library page

The new library page with its three sections.

This is a completely new section on Gotm. In the future there will be a lot of content here but for now there are three subsections, which are explained below.

All the data below is stored per device (but not on the device mind you). This means that if you play on both your phone and your computer without being signed in you will not be able to see what you played on the other device. As soon as you sign up you can access the data across devices though.

Here is a link to Library if you want to check it out.


Here you will find all games that you have set a reaction on, no matter the reaction.

A very useful functionality if you for example find a game that you enjoy and want to show a friend some time later, you can just set a reaction and find it easily again.

Most Played

Have a few games you always go back to and spend a lot of time in compared to all other games you play on the site? With Most Played, finding your way back to those games is now easier than ever.

Your most played games, measured in active in-game time, sorted with the most played shown first.


Played a game a week ago but don't remember the name? Just go here and Gotm will remember for you.

A list of all your previously played games on Gotm. You will only see games that you have actually spent time in though, so just going to a game page without actively playing the game does not count.

A fun fact regarding history is that we have no limit to how far back or how many games. So in five years you will still be able to go back and see which games you played today, no matter the number of games your have played since.

The overall navigation layout has been overhauled as well. The old side menu that slid out from the side on both desktop and mobile has been completely removed. In its place we have a few new things instead.

The new layout differs between the desktop and the mobile version. Some of the biggest differences are described, briefly, below.


A major change on desktop is the permanent side menu on the left side on the front page and on many of the game/discovery oriented pages as well.

extra links

Many of the "extra" pages have been moved to the bottom of this new side menu.

The top navbar is mostly kept the same (at least for now...) but the right part of it have a few new buttons.

new navbar buttons

The new buttons on the very right side of the navbar on desktop.

From left to right the new buttons are for:

  • Web player / upload
  • Dashboard
  • Notifications
  • Profile menu

profile menu dropdown

The new profile menu dropdown when not logged in.

When clicked, the profile menu button displays a short dropdown menu for some extra shortcuts. This is the fastest way to login as well as change theme and get to your public user page (which is also getting an overhaul soon).


mobile version

The new mobile version of the front page of Gotm in all its glory.

Many of the buttons in the new side menu on desktop can be found in the top horizontal scroll row on mobile. Here you can also find the search button.

A major new thing is the bottom navbar that has been added. We hope that this change will make the mobile version feel even more like an app than ever before. While we don't have as many games on mobile as we have for desktop we still spend a lot of attention and effort on making Gotm work great here as well.

The extra stuff at the bottom of the side menu on desktop can be found in the rightmost bottom menu button.

Side note: did you know you can "install" Gotm to make it appear as a regular app on your phone, tablet and computer? All you have to do is open browser menu when on Gotm and click the "Install"-button (name differs between browsers). It's still a browser internally but without the regular browser UI.


Some other smaller features have been added as well that are definitely worth mentioning.

Animated Icon

A gif that, if supplied by the developer, is automatically played when hovering on any game icon on the site.

Game Hover Card

When hovering on games on the site a little preview card will show up. This card can show information like: short description, images/gifs/videos, play count, comment count and more.

Currently this feature is only used for games but later on it will be modified and used for studios, users and more.

We are really happy and excited about all of these new changes and we hope you are as well. Let us know on Twitter or Discord what you think!