Now Launching: Game Hosting Dashboard (OLD)

Published 10 January 2020

Fritjof Cavallin

2 minute read


The dashboard is the place where developers manage their Godot games and studios.

The feature is free to use and anyone is allowed to use it. The only thing required is that you are logged in and you make games using the open source game engine Godot.


How To Upload?

(If you are uploading via the web-player, look at this first)

Start by going to

The first thing you will need to do is register using one of the four external parties: Google, Twitter, Facebook or GitHub.

Create Studio

You are now in the dashboard but it is probably empty like the image above.

Creating Your First Studio

Every game on Gotm belongs to a studio. To create a studio, simply click the button in the top left labeled Create Studio.

(A studio on Gotm is just a concept and does not mean that you have to be part of a "real" studio. Also, you can have multiple ones.)

Create Studio

You will now enter the name of the studio. You will also see the handle change as you type. This handle is used to uniquely identify the studio.

Both name and handle can be changed later under Advanced.

Studio Created

Your studio is now created and live. Don't forget to give it an icon and maybe a description.

Note that when you press Save for a studio the changes will be applied immediately.

Multiple Admins

If you are more than one person who wants individual access to a studio, you can go to Advanced and invite other people.

Currently all admins will have equal amount of rights, so make sure you trust each other.

As a side note, you can actually use the same account on multiple computers at the same time and changes will be automatically applied without having to reload.

Create A Game

Studio Created

To create a game, just press the Create Game-button on the left side.

You will be shown a similar prompt to when creating a studio but the game handle only has to be unique within the studio that owns the game.

Studio Created

You can now enter information about the newly created game.

Uploading A PCK

When you try to upload your game's .pck-file (export with the HTML5 preset) you might be prompted for the Godot version used to export.

Publish Your Game

Your first game is now created. But it is NOT published yet.

Studio Created

On the right side there are small circles. The one by the title is green.

Each circle represent something that MUST be completed before publishing is possible. You can hover your cursor over each circle to get more information.

When all of those circles are green the Publish-button at the bottom will also turn green and if clicked will make your game available.

You can save at any time and continue your work later, no matter if the game is published or not.

Other Information

The dashboard is still in open beta for a little while.

Gotm is still in development, meaning that a lot of core features (statistics, searching and browsing for example) are currently missing.

However, we are working full time to bring those and other features to the platform as soon as we can.

If you are curious about upcoming features you can look at our public roadmap.

We are always looking for feedback about Gotm and the roadmap. You can reach us via our contact page.