Introducing Promo Pages

Published 8 December 2021

Fritjof Cavallin

4 minute read

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Two games with great promo pages: Vylan & Pichon

Are you making a Godot game and looking for a good way to promote it up until its release date?

One option might be to use an existing service to create your promotional page. Unfortunately, going this route will typically cost you money and you run the risk of receiving a product that is old-fashioned and not very customizable, limiting your ability to make a unique promotional page that stands out.

The solution to these and some other problems are Gotm Promo Pages. Let's get into more detail on what this feature is and why it's so awesome.

We have actually made a nice little video on youtube to showcase our promo page system.

What It Is

The easiest way to describe it is like this: it's a landing page designed to look good and present your game in the best way possible, sporting lots of desireable built-in features.


The main idea here is that as a game developer you need to market your game before release to actually make it sell well. A very good way to make that happen is to make people follow/wishlist to notify them when the game eventually is released. Using a system like this lets you include a simple link in your social media posts which users can click on, sign up via and then forget about until later.

There are some existing platforms/services that support this but they all usually have several of the flaws below:

  • A demo can be made available to users but only if they download and install it. This is a big barrier for many, which lowers the number of people that play and then follow/wishlist the game.
  • Users have to create an account on the site/platform to follow/wishlist the game. This is also a big barrier, especially if the site/platform is not very big or well known.
  • Boring/old page design and/or very limited page appearance customization, basically only letting you set/upload the basic stuff like description, images, tags and maybe one or two colors.
  • Barely works on mobile.
  • You have to pay to use the feature, to be on the platform itself, or in some other way.

You could of course create your own promo page from scratch using web development but this requires knowledge or you have to pay someone. Either way, your time and money is better spent on other things.

Gotm Promo Pages

With the promo page system available on Gotm you have none of the flaws listed above.

live demo example

  • The demo you upload is played directly on the browser page, making it super easy to try out.
    • You can even upload two demos if you wish; one to show pre release and one to show post release. This way you aren't forced to manually switch demo at the right time.

live demo example

  • Users can follow your game either through their Gotm account or simply via email, making the process super easy.
  • The page design is made to be very modern and good looking. You can customize just as much as the regular game page on Gotm, meaning fonts, font size, colors for text, headers, background, links and more.

live demo example

  • It works extremely well on mobile as well. You can even play the demo on mobile if the game supports it.
  • Best of all, all of this is free to use.


Here are a few short guidelines for setting up a promo page on Gotm.

Create Resource

A promo page is an optional addition available to all games on Gotm. This means that you need to have a game on Gotm first. Worry not though, because this is super easy and literally only takes a few minutes even if you don't even have an account yet. Go to the dashboard to get started or try your game export in the web player first if you wish.

promo menu button

Now that you have a game that you want to create a promo page for the first step is to click the button labeled "Promo Page" in the game dashboard menu.

You will now see some text describing the promo page feature. At the bottom of the text there is a button which when pressed will create the promo page resource on the Gotm servers. Once this is done you are able to start customizing things.

Adding Information

To make the promo page easy to use it defaults to use the text information it finds in the "Publishing" section. For styling it uses the "Appearance" section to make the visuals consistent between the promo page and game page.

If you just created your game or you simply have not previously supplied any data before, you will need to do so now if you want the page to look good and actually generate some follows.

We have tried to design the promo page to look as good as possible no matter how much or little information your give but we strongly recommend you to fill out as much as you can.

To be able to publish your changes you need to have a set Release Date. "What if I don't know that yet?" you might ask. No worries, you can just set a temporary date many years into the future. To hide that date from the public we provide the field Release Text, which will be displayed instead.


The promo page exists as a separate thing from the regular game page. The URL to the promo page is your game's URL with "/promo" at the end. For example:

A very important thing to note is that until the game is released visitors trying to go to your regular game page will be rerouted to the promo page instead. This can sound very weird but it's actually really useful. It means that you can use the normal game URL during marketing, automatically sending people to the promo page. When the game is released those links are still valid and will instead point to the normal game page.

While things can still be improved we think the promo page system turned out really well. Will you be using it for your next game?