Gotm Gets New Design and Mascot

Published 23 November 2020

Mikael Hernvall

1 minute read

big logo

Gotm's old logo has needed a rework for a long time. Now, we are happy to announce a new design, and even a mascot! I am personally particularly excited about the mascot! 😄

The Design

As you can see in the image above, Gotm's color is now blue instead of green. There is also a new and stylized logo at the top of the website, which is hand-tailored and unique to Gotm.

The awesome design and mascot are made by Alex Moreno (Instagram, Dribbble, Fiverr).

The Mascot

There are a lot of things you can do with a mascot. When something is loading, we can show an animated mascot instead of the usual spinner. When uploading and compressing games, we can show the mascot stomping on the files to compress them!

Who knows, maybe we can put it on sweaters and coffee cups. I would love to have Gotm sweater.


We are very satisfied with the new design and mascot. We hope you like it too! It will hopefully stay with us for a long time.

This also marks the start for further development on Gotm. As you know Gotm has been on a small hiatus for a few months. But now development has resumed and we are excited to bring you new cool features. You can see an updated roadmap here.