Comments and New Game Page Layout

Published 10 April 2020

Mikael Hernvall

1 minute read

New layout

Your players can now create comments for your game! This also means that your game page's layout has been updated in order to display the comments.

Go to a game and you will see that the game screen isn't the only thing there. Below it, you can see more details about your game and your studio.

Further below you can see comments!

Game details

Directly below the game screen, you can see your game's Thumbnail, Title, and Description. You can edit these details in your dashboard.

Studio details

Below the game details, you can also see your studio's Icon and Name. Click any of them to go to your studio's page. You can edit these details in your dashboard too.


Comments Reply and mention each other in threads.

Finally, you can see a list of comments on your game. Anyone who is signed in can post a comment or reply to an existing comment.

Comments made by studio members for that game are specially marked to make discussions between gamedevs and players easier.

On each comment you can see the user's Icon and Display Name. You can edit your own in your profile settings.


Currently, the new game page layout doesn't include mobile devices. However, we've got a special solution on the way!