Notifications, Likes and Private Testing

Published 16 April 2020

Mikael Hernvall

1 minute read


You are now notified whenever someone comments your game. You are also notified when someone likes or replies to your comment.

Also, uploading games is now easier. You can now publish your game in non-public mode without providing a thumbnail or target platform. A non-public game is only accessible directly by its URL. See the tutorial for more details.


Notification You've got a notification!

Whenever something nice happens, you are notified with a red dot near your profile picture. View your notifications by clicking on your profile picture to open the side menu, and then click Notifications.

Notifications View a list of all your notifications.

Click on a notification to go to the comment being liked or replied to, or the game being commented.


Like comments Like comments!

You can now like (or dislike) comments by pressing one of the hand-icons near a comment. Main comments are sorted by their score, calculated as their number of dislikes subtracted from their number of likes.

Mention replies Replies to replies are indicated with an @. Click on it to highlight the replied-to reply.

Replies to main comments are always sorted from oldest to newest. When you reply to a reply, your reply is prepended with a @ and the user being replied to. Click on the @ to highlight that specific comment.

Private Testing

You can now upload your game as non-public, which means it's not listed in search results or on Gotm's public pages. This is ideal when you want to test your game or only share it with friends or family.

By default, games are published as non-public. To publish your game as public, read the tutorial.

This means that you can now upload and publish games directly from the Web Player. Smooth!

Publish games directly from the Web Player!