Play Your Godot Game In The Browser

Published 25 November 2019

Mikael Hernvall

2 minute read

play your godot game in the browser

Here at Gotm we strive to empower Godot gamedevs with great tools to make and share their games.

That's why we've been busy making a drag n' drop web player for y'all.

Just drag and drop your PCK-file into the browser and get a taste of how your game would run on the Web.


The open and free Web platform is advancing rapidly and is becoming an increasingly suitable platform for gamedevs to share their games.

Thus, it has never been more relevant for gamedevs to pay attention to the Web as an opportunity to put their games in the hands their players - with the simple click of a URL.

How To Use The Web Player

Go to the web player and follow the instructions.

Here's a detailed how-to:

  1. Export your game to create your PCK-file. Use the HTML5 export preset.
  2. Go to your export folder and search for your PCK-file. Drag it into the web player.
  3. You will be asked which Godot version your PCK file is. This can be found in the Godot editor at Help -> About. See the image below. Important: If you specify the wrong version your game might not run.

godot version location

Please note that only PCK-files made with Godot versions 3.1 and later are supported.

Upload The Game

So, now you've tried out your game in the web player and (hopefully) it worked like a charm. But how do you share your game with others?

It's as simple as pressing Upload in the lower left corner.

You will be asked to login (same as registering if this is your first time).

Create Game

Assuming you have not created a studio on Gotm before, you will see the prompt above.

(A studio on Gotm is just a concept and does not mean that you have to be part of a "real" studio. Also, you can have multiple ones.)

You need to enter the name/handle of your studio as well as the game. Both name and handle can be changed later.

Click Upload to continue. Your game will be automatically compressed during the upload.

Your game is uploaded and ready to go.

When the upload completes, you are automatically redirected to your game's page. Ready to play!

Discover more configuration options in your dashboard. You can read more about it here.

We are continually cooperating with gamedevs to improve Gotm as an instant-play game platform specifically for Godot games. If you have feedback check out our contact page.

How It's Made

To make the web player happen, we had to make some changes in Godot's source code. Read Making Of: Godot Web Player if you want to know how it was made.