Spring Review 2020

Published 17 June 2020

Mikael Hernvall

2 minute read

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A lot has happened on Gotm in the last months. Autocompression, developer statistics, comments and tipping are some of the highlights of Gotm's latest features.

More importantly, the Godot community surrounding Gotm is growing steadily and its support is the greatest motivator for keeping Gotm going!

Let's look back and summarize what has happened the last couple of months. Let's also take a peek into the future of Gotm and its upcoming features.

Starting simple

Gotm started out with the web player, which allows you to easily drag your game into the web, making it accessible to everyone, everywhere on all devices. The feature had a tremendous reception, even getting coverage from GameFromScratch.

The Godot community is Gotm's community and always will be. But to create a Godot-optimized games platform from scratch is quite an undertaking, and there are still important features missing before Gotm can fulfill the Godot community's needs.

Revving up

New features are added. Gotm's unique autocompression improves loading times by up to 80%. Developer statistics lets game developers analyze their players in the revamped developer dashboard.

Finally, game developers can receive support from their players in the form of tips, giving them a simple way of monetizing their game without ads or in-game purchases. More social features are also added, such as comments and likes for games.


Now Gotm has a wide and unique feature set specially customized for the Godot community, such as out-of-the-box multiplayer and even a Godot plugin for direct access to Gotm's APIs.

Godot game developers can also completely customize their game page, giving them full control of their game page's feel and atmosphere.


The most exciting part of it all is that the best parts of Gotm are ahead of us. Soon you will be able to play local multiplayer games with anyone in the world. An innovative game rating system will spice up the way players react to games.

Custom t-shirts and coffee cups will be purchasable for any game, lending more monetization opportunities for game developers. Leaderboards, instant replays and achievements are upcoming features that will help Godot game developers add unique features to their games.


Gotm has come a long way but still has a long way to go. Thanks to the Godot community and the powerful Godot Engine, Gotm is expected to give modern web gaming a rebirth, benefitting both players and Godot game developers.