Spring Review 2021

Published 9 June

Fritjof Cavallin

5 minute read

Gotm Publishing Program

Publish on Nintendo Switch through Gotm Publishing Program

As per usual a lot has been going on with and around Gotm this spring.

Anyone can now host godot game jams on Gotm and we announced Gotm Publishing Program for developers wanting to publish on Nintendo Switch.

Exciting stuff indeed, let's have a look!

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Gotm Publishing Program

This is something that we have been working on for a little while now and we recently announced it: Gotm Publishing Program (GPP).

Want to have your Godot game published on Nintendo Switch and also as a Premium Game on Gotm? Then GPP is for you!

Developers that have a polished Godot game, no matter if it is finished or not, can apply to join GPP.

Gotm and our associates will help you port, promote and publish your game. And there is no upfront cost to this. Instead it's paid for with revenue share.

There is a lot of more info and details that would be too much to fit here but if you are interested you can read more on the About GPP page.

Game Jam Hosting On Gotm Itself

Gotm Jam

The dashboard view as game jam host

In January this year we started hosting monthly game jams called Gotm Jam and the fifth one is currently in the rating phase.

The number of participants have varied a bit but we are still very happy that people seem to be interested and that it brings lots of new games to Gotm.

What is even more exciting about this the fact that from the forth one and forward we are hosting them on Gotm itself!

How is this possible you wonder? It is because we have implemented game jam hosting on Gotm. Now anyone can host a Godot game jam through Gotm!

The feature is still far from fully fleshed out but it works plenty fine as it is right now and more features will come.

You can create your own game jam through the Gotm dashboard.

New Features: Game Jam Hosting, Dark Theme and Improved Dashboard

Speaking of game jam hosting, what else have we added?

Dark Theme

The site now finally has dark theme, a feature that all modern sites should have. It took some time but now it's here. You can enable dark theme in your personal settings.

Eventually we hope to add custom themes so that anyone can set their own private theme for the site. Go leprechaun theme!

Improved Dashboard

The dashboard has been improved quite a bit. The sections and their content are basically the same as before but the sections menu and especially the dashboard home page have seen big changes.

The dashboard home page is now called the "Creator Dashboard". This is because we don't want to limit the dashboard to only being for game developers, especially since we now have game jam hosting.

Big Refactor

This is not something that we expect anyone to notice on Gotm but for the last several months we have been working on a very big rework of the whole backend and a lot of the frontend code.

The result is more stable, readable and extendable code, meaning that we can work better and faster going forward.

Updated to Godot 3.3

On Gotm we use a custom runtime version, which was using Godot 3.2.3. Now we updated it to Godot 3.3.

Apart from now supporting games made with the new version we were now able to enable multithreading and SIMD instructions on machines/browsers that support it, which most do. This means vastly improved performance without developers having to do anything special. What is extra special about this is that no other Godot game hosting site has multithreading support, making us unique with this.

Improved About pages

While the old about pages worked fine they lacked proper copywriting. They now look better and are more focused on what is actually important.

There is now also an added page about us, with info on our team and what Gotm's core philosophies are.

YouTube Channel Slowdown

Late last year we started an experiment on YouTube in which we post a video each week showcasing five different games from Gotm.

The response overall has been very positive and lots of developers expressed their happiness that their game was shown in a video and that it motivated them.

However, despite this, we have decided to greatly decrease the amount of content being made. We didn't feel that we got enough value given how much time and money we spent on the videos.

This means that we now only make one video each month and that is to showcase the top five games from each Gotm Jam. We hope that this will act as encouragement, apart from the prize money, to get even more developers to participate.


A few other things that have happened since the last newsletter.

GoGodotJam Interview

GoGodotJam Interview

Interview recording on YouTube

Over the last month or so there has been a very big and exciting new event going on related to Godot called GoGodotJam.

It's basically a month long digital festival with daily events to help promote Godot and its already awesome community, including a jam that was very successful (maybe they can host their next jam on Gotm...?).

One of the daily events was an almost 2 hour long live interview with me, Fritjof, by Redefine Gamedev, the organizer of the whole festival.

We talked a lot about what Gotm is, how it came to be and what we aim to do going forward. You should check out the YouTube recording if this sounds interesting.

Video From YouTuber Gamefromscratch

About one and a half year ago the youtuber Gamefromscratch made a video about Gotm and now he made a second one.

In it he shows and discusses Gotm Publishing Program and breaks down some of the key points. It's about 11 minutes long and is a great summary of what the program is about: check it out.

Upcoming Features

Over the next couple of months we have some very important features planned:

Premium Games

A key point in Gotm Publishing Program is Premium Games, but what are they? The feature is not currently implemented but developers will be able to apply to publish their game as a Premium Game.

A Premium Game can only be played by players that pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to all Premium Games. Any game, no matter if it's premium or not, will earn money based on how much time individual Premium Players spend in it.

To be able to get this money to their personal bank account we need a payout system, which is also on the roadmap for the upcoming months.

Updated Front Page

The current front page on Gotm technically works, but it's embarrassingly lackluster and simple. The new version will add more variety in both categories/tags and games, as well as tag searching.

See more upcoming features on the official roadmap.


Gotm in numbers since the winter review.


The total number of published games on Gotm per quarter.

Games +29% (+249)

Twitter +33% (+273)
YouTube +301% (+449)
Discord +39% (+66)
TikTok +113% (+27)
Instagram +152% (+35)
Facebook +0% (+0)
Reddit +50% (+2)


Basically all platforms on which Gotm is present are doing very well. TikTok has turned out to be quite popular but we are still not really sure if we gain any more users to the site as a result.

Gotm Publishing Program and game jam hosting are the two biggest points but some other features have been implemented as well and the upcoming features are very interesting.

More and more people are mentioning Gotm on social media and uploading their games. Overall we are very happy with how things are looking!

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Best regards,

The gotm.io team

The gotm.io team