Summer Review 2020

Published 8 October 2020

Mikael Hernvall

1 minute read

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It is time for a review of what has happened at lately. This summer got a couple of new features, such as a unique emoji rating system for games (😃😎🦄) and an ever-growing featured games list.

The community is also growing at a record pace, with lots of cool games, content and features on the horizon.

We also have encountered some setbacks. Read more about it below!

A growing community

The community has been growing at a record pace, passing 500 followers on Twitter@PlayGotm, and game developers never cease to amaze us with their new cool games, such as Seedlings, Weaponeer and Cursed Gem]... and Grim Pawn... and... (I could go on forever).

In the YouTube world, it is exciting to see that the Godot content creators CodeWithTom and ProggerParrot have made a couple of videos about and its potential.

As a part of's multiplayer and game jam efforts, we have been collaborating with the multiplayer jam. It was a success and we are looking forward to the next one.


Everything is not as easy at it seems. The donation system and the planned monetization features for game developers are paused until further notice. The systems for moving money around the globe are complicated to say the least, and until have grown enough, it simply cannot get access to these systems which are necessary for giving game developers monetization features.

Speaking of money. Since currently does not earn money, we are working with our own savings. These savings are running dry. That is why we will bring in financing from paid external projects for a few months.

But don't worry! While this means the development of new features for is paused for now, we will still fix bugs and feature new cool games!

Coming up

We are looking forward to kickstarting next year with promised features like leaderboards, game tags and remote play-together. The plan ahead is to focus on cool features for game developers that can sustain financially.

You also can expect a pretty different-looking, with a neater theme and prettier colors. Expect to see more of this little guy:

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