Summer Review 2021

Published 10 September

Fritjof Cavallin

3 minute read

Gotm Publishing Program

A preview of the new front page and navigation we are working on

This time there have been fewer things happening than we would have liked but that doesn't mean there is nothing to talk about, with some nice updates on existing projects.

Let's dive in!

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Gotm Publishing Program

Earlier we announced GPP (short for Gotm Publishing Program) which is a way for developers to get their game to Gotm as a Premium Game and to Nintendo Switch. Most importantly, there is no upfront cost to this and instead, the program is paid for by revenue share on the sales. More info.

We still haven't launched any games yet but we have 6 developers who have been accepted into the program so far. We are already working together with them to produce trailers and make sure their game will work great on both Gotm and Nintendo Switch.

If you are part of the Gotm discord server you can see who these developers are and ask them questions even. The discord server is generally a great place to be if you want to follow the Gotm development more closely and be able to interact with us.

Game Jam

We are continuing to host the monthly game jam Gotm Jam directly on Gotm. The game jam hosting can still be improved with lots of nice features later on but it's already very functional and everything seems to work just as it should.

The number of participants has been lower compared to when we hosted on Itch. That might also be because that was at the beginning of the jam and more people were excited about a new Godot jam.

Either way, we have no plans to stop hosting the jam and will continue to give out $100 in prize money each month.

Want to host your own Godot game jam on Godot? Just head over to the Creator Dashboard.

Development Update

There have been no significant updates on the site recently. That is partly because there has been a fair amount of work going into GPP.

It is also because we want to make sure that what we do is very very super awesome. So what are we working on right now? Several things actually:

The biggest thing right now is the stats remake. This will make it possible for us to reenable stats, which have been absent from the site for an embarrassingly long time now. This means that soon developers will be able to see how many play their games, for how long, from which country, etc.

The new stats system will also make it possible to see which tags are most popular, trending games, personal most played, and much more. This will make one of the other in-progress features possible: a completely new front page and browsing experience.

There are other smaller things being worked on or planned for release soon, one of which is an optional promotional page for developers wanting to showcase a game they haven't released yet. It will include a system to follow the game to get notified on launch, similar to Steam wishlisting.


A few other things that have happened since the last newsletter.

Godotes Article

Gonzalo of the Godotes newsletter (short for Godot Notes, which you should totally subscribe to) wrote a whole article about Gotm.

In it he talks about what we do and shows some nice stats for the site. Go check it out.

New Team Member

Not sure if this is actually a "happening" but whatever. Tim, who did his master thesis with us, has been hired full-time. He will primarily work on external paid projects but might occasionally work on Gotm as well.



The total number of published games on Gotm per quarter.

Games   1535   (+40% / +437)

Twitter   1342   (+241 / +22%)
YouTube   635   (+37 / +6%)
Discord   321   (+86 / +37%)
TikTok   72   (+21 / +41%)
Instagram   73   (+15 / +26%)
Facebook   25   (+10 / +67%)
Reddit   17   (+11 / +183%)


Not much progress recently in terms of features or updates to the site, but lots being developed, which we hopefully can show soon.

GPP is looking very promising and hopefully we have released at least one game before next newsletter.

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Best regards,

The team

The team