The Stats Rework Update

Published 15 November

Fritjof Cavallin

5 minute read

stats page overview

A newly created game showing the new stats page with graphs.

Stats are back baby! But not just stats have been added in this update, a whole lot else as well!

We have just recently launched the biggest update to the site yet, adding more than 10 new features plus other various improvements.

Below is a rough summary of it all but individual, in-depth, posts for some of the features will follow soon.

Stats History

So, we finally have stats now... again.

Any type of distribution platform, like Gotm, should have stats from an early point. How else are the content creators on the platform going to know if what they create and upload is doing well and appreciated by the other users?

And the thing is that we did actually have stats for a while...


In April 2020 we launched the first version of developer statistics, which you could read about in its own news post.

We were very happy with it, partly in terms of looks but more importantly in terms of the amount if information we were able to supply. The site launched in late 2019 so adding stats at this point felt good, since it was still very early and, as mentioned above, a critical feature.

However, roughly in early fall 2020 we noticed that the graphs didn't work as intended. They didn't display the correct information.

We tried doing some quick fixes but we realised that we would have to do a full rework on it in the long run to make it stable, which we didn't really have time to do at the moment.

First we put a banner telling people that it was not working properly but eventually we simply removed the page completely from the dasboard. It was now not displaying correct information and we felt that it was better to remove it.

New Version Started

Roughly in May 2021 we finally decided that we couldn't wait any longer, especially since we now had Gotm Publishing Program and need some new things for that project to work how we want it to.

Remaking the stats meant major changes to our backend. How we collect data, process it, store it, and fetch it in a way that suits our systems but also is performant and scalable. All of this took a very long time. Much longer than expected...

We worked on it as fast as we could but there was nothing else to do but to do it properly so we won't have to redo it again. Now, after a lot of effort and extra time, it's finally here. And it. Is. Glorious!

The New Stats

All games on Gotm have free access to the stats. If you have multiple games in one studio you can go to the studio dashboard and see the combined stats for all your games.

Each stat below shows something different but there are some things they all have in common.

time periods

At the top of the page you can specify what the current time period to show should be. The options are week, month, 90 days, half year and full year.

common data

For every graph we show the total amount and the average for the given time period. We also compare to the previous time period. If you have the current time period set to "Week" it will show the stats for the last 7 days and compare that to the stats from 7 days ago to 14 days ago. This comparison is shown in two ways: a dotted line in the graph and some extra numbers for both total and average indicating the change. The extra numbers only show up if there is any non-zero data in the previous period.

A final thing to note is that we only have data from the update date and forward. We have some old data that's been collected and we're still working on migrating it to the new system.


A very basic but extremely important stat. A play is every time someone plays your game. One person could play your game several times in a day and you will then get a play for every one of those times.

Please note that someone going to your game on Gotm but not actively playing it does not count as a play. See the "Views" information below.


This is one of the new things we gather and show data about and we are really excited about it.

Other online hosting sites might show things like views and/or plays. We provide both of those of course, but we also show playtime.

When someone plays your game we keep track of the number of active minutes spent in the game.

This can give you new insights. For example, if you have a large number of plays but low average playtime, it could be an indicator that your game is lacking retention.


You gain a view when someone goes to your game's page.

As mentioned above, this is not necessarily the same as a play, because that would mean actually playing the game. As soon as someone goes to your game you gain a view. Then, if the same person actually plays the game you gain a play as well.


This shows you where a visitor came from. So if you post a link to your game on Reddit or Twitter and people click that link you will see that here. This stat is very useful when trying to understand if your marketing efforts actually pays off.

Daily Active Users

Daily Active Users, or DAU as it's often abbreviated to, is the number of unique people who have visited your game.

As an example: if person A plays your game five times today and person B plays it twice, you will have seven views and seven plays but only two DAU.

Features Added

As already mentioned there have been a significant number of new features added apart from stats. Here is a short list of them.

  • New Front Page And Browsing: More functionality added and a big focus on rows. We have a lot more things planned here to even further improve browsing and discoverability.
  • Library: See the games you have set a reaction to as well as your most played game and previously played.
  • Promo Page: The perfect way to show your game before it's released. Upload a trailer, thumbnails, demo, etc. to a highly customizable landing page. Available for free through the game dashboard.
  • Game Hover Card: A new way to easily learn more about a game without having to click on it.
  • Tag Page: Any tag you see is now clickable and will show the top games using that tag. Here is an example for the tag platformer.
  • Improved Navigation: A new way to navigate the site. A lot is now on the front/home page but a bottom navbar has been added on mobile and some new buttons in the top right on desktop.
  • Animated Icons: Games can have a gif that will play when hovering on the game.
  • Notifications: Improved platform notifications and added emails as well.
  • Input Method: Developers can now specify the supported input methods. This is then shown in the game hover card and game description if available. In due time this will be filterable when browsing.

You can check out the roadmap history to see all new features and detailed news posts will come for many of them. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get notified when they come.

Moving Forward

We are very happy that this process is finally finsihed and we are excited to be moving forward. In the future, we should be able to go back to a much faster release schedule.

Continuing, we will spend time on fixing the bugs that will, undoubtedly, show up. We will also add a few quick things we have almost finished. Then it's on to Premium Games and Paid Player Plan, both of which are required for Gotm Publishing Program to start launching games.

That's it for now. We are really happy and excited to have this out and for the things we will be able to do going forward thanks to this update.

Please let us know what you think of all the new things and if you find any bugs. You can find out how to reach us through the contact page.