Winter Review 2021

Published 1 March

Mikael Hernvall

3 minute read

Watch Catapult

Now you can watch awesome Gotm games on YouTube and TikTok. If you're more interested in making games, join Gotm Jam!

In this review of winter 2021, you will read more about what happened on Gotm this winter, upcoming features, and exciting new collaborations!

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Gotm Games Now on YouTube and TikTok

Watch Gotm on YouTube

You can now enjoy watching Oliver play lots of awesome Gotm games on YouTube and TikTok. New videos are coming out on Friday each week!

Since December 2020 Oliver has been making videos every week where he plays five games from Gotm. That means we are now at 12 videos and 60 games. Watch all the videos here!

You can also watch the funniest highlights for each game on TikTok.

The YouTube channel's reception has been positive. The average view count per video is twice as much as our initial target at this point. We are now investing in paid promotions to gauge interest in a wider audience.

The paid promotions give us valuable insights into how we can improve the videos and drive more interest to Gotm games. This Friday you will be able to see an improved episode, so subscribe and stay tuned!

Gotm Jam a Success

Join GotmJam

Join Gotm's own game jam and make a game! Also, shoutout to @KhanCake for making pretty drawings of us!

To engage the community with both Godot and Gotm, we launched a game jam last month where participants can win prizes and video showcases.

The first Gotm Jam was a huge success, with 20 entries and top games with impressive quality. You can watch some games on YouTube.

We will continue to host Gotm Jam every month as long as people are interested in participating. This month's jam is running right now and looks promising with 45 participants compared to last month's 60 participants, despite significantly less marketing!

If you want to make a game, now's the chance to join Gotm Jam!

Collaborations With Big Godot Actors

To further engage and support the Godot community, we are in talks with multiple big names in the Godot community for various collaborations.

While we can't reveal any specifics, you can expect us to appear together with a big youtuber, an existing Godot game jam, a popular upcoming game on Twitter, and more!

Upcoming Features

Dark theme

More spice with a new design, dark theme and page transitions.

While most work recently has involved behind-the-scenes things like various backend optimizations, some work will definitely be noticeable soon.

To make Gotm feel more like an app instead of a static website, we are adding transitions between pages as you navigate. This will give users a more fluid experience.

We are also improving and standardizing the design of core elements like buttons and switches. In this process, Gotm will get customizable themes, which means that we can add a dark theme!

In the coming months we will deploy a game jam hosting solution that lets anyone host a game jam with instant-play on Gotm. When the feature is released, we plan to host Gotm Jam on Gotm!

See more upcoming features on our roadmap.


For readers interested in statistics on Gotm's growth, here are some stats from this winter 2021.


The total number of published games on Gotm per quarter.

Games +39% (+241)

Twitter +25% (+203)
YouTube +N/A% (+149)
Discord +N/A% (+169)
TikTok +N/A% (+24)
Instagram +N/A% (+23)
Facebook +N/A% (+15)
Reddit +N/A% (+4)

As you can see, many of the stats above are missing a percentual growth number. This is because we have not recorded these stats previously. In the spring review 2021 you will get more percentages!


During this quarter, Gotm has increased its presence on various platforms in order to attract more game developers and players.

The YouTube channel is part of an experiment that we hope will show more people all the awesome games that the Godot community has shared on Gotm. If you dig it, don't forget to subscribe!

The coming quarter will be more feature-focused. Soon you will be able to host game jams and leaderboards on Gotm!

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