summer Aug 2021

Add leaderboard support to the Gotm plugin. The leaderboards will support:

  • Top players
  • Ranks
  • Rank segments (like leagues, e.g. "Gold League", "Silver League" and "Bronze League").
  • Distribution graphs.

A lot of Godot games have a leaderboard and many players like the competitive aspect it brings. The problem is that it is rather annoying to implement, especially for global leaderboards that needs to be hosted on a database.

We think it would be nice if we implemented a pre-made leaderboard as an open source module/plugin for Godot and/or a built in function into Gotm.

This would mean that anyone could have global leaderboards but wouldn't have to think about the details behind it.

On Gotm, players will be able to see where they are in various leaderboards. They will also be able to see other players' positions on their profiles.